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F1’s Success Influencing NASCAR’s Glow-Up

NASCAR is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year in what could be one of the most defining moments for the sport. As part of its effort to reinvent itself, NASCAR executives are in active talks to hold a race in the New York City region, which would be a first for the sport. NASCAR is also considering races in other major markets including Seattle, Denver, Canada, and Mexico. 

NASCAR is still the most-watched motorsports property in the US with average viewership of 3 million. The sport is also looking to improve its business as it faces increased competition from Formula One in the US. The media rights deal is up for renewal this year, and NASCAR is expected to wait until its exclusive negotiating window passes so it can go talk to other networks and streaming companies about possible bids. The 2024 schedule could feature even more significant changes.

“F1 has certainly made a nice effort in the U.S., but one thing we continue to look at is our portfolio where 80% of the motorsports minutes watched in this country are NASCAR [owned]. We’re proud of that.”

Daytona 500 Preview

There are 42 cars currently entered to attempt the 65th running of the Daytona 500. 36 chartered teams are locked into the field which leaves only four spots remaining for a stacked group of open entries. 7-Time Cup Series Champion, Jimmie Johnson, headlines the group of six open entries which also include IndyCar driver Conor Daly, motorsport icon Travis Pastrana and 2022 Truck Series Champion Zane Smith.  

The entry list consists of 20 Chevrolet Camaros, 15 Ford Mustangs, and 7 Toyota Camrys. The youngest driver on the grid is 20-year-old Ty Gibbs and the oldest is 47-year-old Jimmie Johnson. Single-car qualifying takes place on Wednesday and the field of 40 will be set after the Duel races on Thursday.

The full entry list can be viewed here

Daytona 500 Sells out for Eighth Consecutive Year

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets ‘humbled’ at Florence

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had high hopes for a strong finish in the annual Icebreaker event at the Florence Motor Speedway in South Carolina but struggled through the early parts of the race, ultimately costing him and leading to 17th place finish. He was humbled by the experience but hopes to do better next time.

Josh Berry, a former Late Model ace and current Xfinity Series driver for JR Motorsports, served as crew chief for Earnhardt’s return to racing at the grassroots level. “I know he’s enjoyed coming back and racing these cars,” said Berry in an interview with NASCAR.com. “It’s a big step from him, coming back to do this after racing Cup cars for so long. But it’s been fun. He’s had fun and I’ve enjoyed being a part of it and we’ll keep doing it, keep getting better and hopefully one of these days we can win one of these things.”

Short Track Struggles

NASCAR officials are exploring ways to increase competition and passing at short tracks, road courses and downtown street circuits for the 2023 season after a lackluster first year on the Next Gen platform. Drivers and teams have expressed numerous concerns including dirty air under braking, increased corner speeds, the underbody and decreased horsepower.

A last-minute test in January tried smaller spoilers and modified underbody configurations, but some drivers do not think significant progress was made. NASCAR is looking at ways to make cars less air-dependent, although a lack of urgency has been criticized, as industry players are hesitant to spend on new parts after purchasing cars that were supposed to represent a fixed cost.


Pre-season testing on the horizon

More Drivers Speak out as FIA Cracks down on Free Speech

Formula 1 drivers are being treated like ‘schoolchildren’, according to McLaren’s Lando Norris, following the FIA’s updated International Sporting Code. The governing body has made it mandatory for drivers to seek permission from the FIA to make personal statements, extending a breach of the rules to “political, religious and personal statements.” Norris believes the clampdown would undermine the positive impact that F1 drivers can have on fans and viewers and has called for the FIA to allow drivers to be grown-up and make their own decisions. He also suggested that the criticism of the amendment may prompt the FIA to backtrack.

F1 Calls out Andretti for Calling out F1

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has responded to Michael Andretti’s recent public criticism of the current F1 teams, calling it “not smart.” Andretti, who runs several outfits in the world of motorsports, has been working on an F1 bid for years and recently partnered with General Motors to gain more leverage in his bid. However, most of the existing 10 F1 teams are still hesitant to accept Andretti as an expansion team as it would mean sharing prize money with an 11th team. They also consider the current $200 million dilution fund for new teams outdated and inadequate. Domenicali says that Andretti will have to follow due process like any other prospective entrant, and that F1 is looking for a sustainable, long-term commitment to avoid instability. The tender for joining F1 will be released soon, likely at the beginning of March.

F1 Fuel Motivating Innovation and Sustainability

Formula 1 is set to switch to fully sustainable fuels from 2026, as the racing series eyes a carbon-zero future. This presents a challenge for fuel manufacturers, but also offers a lot of appeal as they will have more freedom to explore different areas and test innovative ideas. The switch to sustainable fuels has already begun, but the scale of the challenge of producing fully sustainable fuels should not be underestimated. Fuel suppliers are expected to create fuels that are derived from special feedstocks that cannot be part of an edible food chain. Shell, a supplier of fuel to Ferrari, is eager to explore this space and to use F1 as an innovation platform for testing and trying out new things. Fuel chemists now use digital simulations to improve products and predict fuel properties based on the components and composition. The challenge of creating the best sustainable F1 product has direct relevance to future road fuels.

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