Firecracker 400 Sponsors

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What is the Firecracker 400? 

The Firecracker 400 was a July 4th holiday tradition in NASCAR for more than 50 years. The OGs of NASCAR in the 1970s and 1980s drove their ill-handling race cars during the daytime heat of Florida in July in a challenging 400-mile race at the historic Daytona International Speedway.

The esports version of this event, Created by NASCAR drivers Landon Cassill and Parker Kligerman, will be a recreation of the classic race on the iRacing platform. The event will be an ode to stock car racing’s past, with an open entry iRacing race using the recently released 1987 stock cars at Legacy Daytona International Speedway (2007). The event prize pool will be $12,500, as racers from around the world will compete over a three-week span to qualify for the Firecracker 400. 

Each stage of the event will be broadcasted LIVE leading to the main event broadcast that will have time period correct graphics and multiple produced pieces highlighting great moments from the late 80s Firecracker 400 races. 


How many racers will compete? 

Competitors will be required to pay an entry fee to enter the event. 430 entries will attempt to qualify for the event. The first stage of the event will be a series of qualifying and heat races (June 15-16) that will narrow the field down to 88 competitors. 

The top 88 will then attempt to qualify through a period-correct format mimicking the “Two-Round” qualifying format that NASCAR used in the late 1980s (June 24-25). The top 42 + 1 Provisional will race in the Firecracker 400 (June 30). The bottom 43 will race in the Firecracker 200, a 200-mile race the Monday before the Firecracker 400.  Three alternates will be also selected from positions 86, 87, and 88 from Two-Round qualifying.

Prelim Nights

NIGHT 1 - 6/15


NIGHT 2 - 6/16




6/23 7 PM EDT

Top 20 times from First Round Qualifying LOCK IN to the Firecracker 400. Pole sitter eligible to take the Radius $20,000 Last to First Challenge.


TOP 20


6/24 8 PM EDT

21st-88th will have the opportunity to stand on their time, or re-run the next day in Second Round qualifying to decide the 21st-42nd place starting grid.


21st - 88th


6/28 8 PM EDT

$2,500 Prize Purse

  • Single Event League Session – OPEN SETUP
  • 200 Mile, 80 Laps
  • Admin Cautions, no resets
  • No Lucky Dogs, No wave arounds
  • Double File Restarts, Lapped Cars to the Inside
  • No GWC
  • Daytona Weather, set in real time in the sim with dynamic sky, session starting at 10am.
  • 43 car starting field, lineup set by 43rd-85th from First and Second Round Qualifying Results
  • 86th, 87th, and 88th from qualifying will be considered alternates for this race.


6/30 8 PM EDT

$10,000 Prize Purse

  • Single Event League Session – OPEN SETUP 
  • 400 Mile, 160 Laps
  • Admin cautions, no resets
  • No Lucky Dogs, No wave arounds
  • Double File Restarts, Lapped Cars to the Inside
  • No GWC
  • Daytona Weather, set in real-time in the sim with dynamic sky, session starting at 10 am. 
  • 43 car starting field, lineup set by 1st-42rd from First and Second Round Qualifying Results, and one eRacr Provisional
  • Pole Sittter Nick Ottinger will race from last place to try to claim the $20,000 Radius Last to First Challenge
  • Notable drivers including: Dale Earnhardt Jr, Nick Ottinger, Casey Kirwan, Landon Huffman, and more!