The Most Dangerous Race In The World

Posted by June 10, 2024 in The Money Lap

The Most Dangerous Race In The World

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of speed and bravery, the Isle of Man TT stands unrivaled. Known for its treacherous course and staggering speed, the TT is as perilous as it is thrilling. This year’s event, once again, highlighted why the Isle of Man TT is considered the most dangerous race still running in the world.

Michael Dunlop added to his legendary status by securing his 29th TT victory. Dunlop also added to his 37 total podiums. His remarkable achievements are a testament to his extraordinary skill and fearlessness on a high-stakes race course.

Dunlop first entered the infamous race shortly after turning 18 and has competed in 80 events since. For Michael, Isle of Man TT is a family affair as his most recent victory pushed him past his uncle’s (Joey Dunlop) record for most wins.

For Parker Kligerman, the danger of the Isle of Man TT is all too real. “When I was there, three people died in the couple days I was there.”

In a race that’s seen well over 250 casualties, 2024 was the first year since 2012 that no riders have succumbed to injuries from the perilous course. The gravity of the event is palpable, with the inherent risks being a part of what makes the TT so awe-inspiring and yet so terrifying.

Kligerman recounted on a recent episode of The Money Lap, “You’re on the sidelines, you’re listening to the PA, there’s motorcycles going by every, you know, little bit. And then suddenly the motorcycles stop coming by. The PA goes silent for a minute, and then they just come back on and say, ‘All right, we will resume racing again tomorrow at 10 a.m.. Thank you very much for coming. We’ll see you later. Goodbye.’ And it’s just like, boom! That’s it.” This somber routine is a stark reminder of the risks that come with the thrill of racing at the TT.

The Isle of Man TT is not just a race; it’s a testament to human endurance and the spirit of motorcycling. Riders navigate a 37.73-mile course, filled with narrow roads, sharp turns, and high-speed straights, all while knowing that the smallest mistake can have fatal consequences. “The Isle of Man TT is probably the most serious motor race in the world,” Kligerman emphasized.

Let us know what you think! Is The Isle of Man TT the most dangerous race in the world? Have you watched or would you watch a race with such high stakes? Comment below! 👇

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