The Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge Returns for 2021 with Support from Blue-Emu

Posted by Administrator November 2, 2021 in Press Releases

The Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge with Blue-Emu is BACK with a brand new format! 

The Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge returns with a first-of-its-kind format. The opening round of this year’s #LCQC has room for up to 360 drivers. They will compete in group qualifying where the top 40 drivers will advance to the second round. 

The second round will feature All-Star qualifying, where a driver will run three laps and complete one stop and go in the pits (where they will be allowed to speed). The top 15 will advance to the finals, but 25th-16th will compete in a last chance qualifier. This will be a pursuit-type race, where the last place driver will be eliminated after every lap, the last driver standing will be the 16th driver for the finals.

The finals will be a head-to-head (1v1) format, where drivers will be seeded based on previous round performance. The top seed chooses who they will qualify against live on air, and then they will both make one lap to see who advances. Once 8 head-to-head matches have been made, the drivers remaining will be reseeded based on previous round performance. This will repeat until we have one winner.


Key Details  

  • Prize pool of $12,600 
  • Only 360 entries allowed (First come, first serve)
  • Open Qualifying -> All-Star Style Qualifying -> Head to head 1v1 for the grand prize! 



Roughly a decade ago, Landon Cassill wanted to show the world the pressures of qualifying at the highest level of American motorsports. Thus the Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge (#LCQC) was born on iRacing with real stakes. Since then it has become the premier test of sim racing drivers qualifying abilities for massive prizes!


The #LCQC registration goes live November 17th at 4pm EST. The event will be three nights of competition in total. Spread over ten days, starting with open qualifying where the top 36 and four wildcard entries will advance to “All-Star Style” qualifying and “pursuit race”. 

The top 15 from All-Star qualifying and the winner of the pursuit race (16 in total) will advance to the main event. A never before seen in motorsports, knock-out 1v1 qualifying competition! 

  • November 17th Registration Open 
  • December 1st Open Qualifying 
  • December 2nd All-Star Style qualifying + Pursuit race
  • December 10th #LCQC 1v1 MAIN EVENT


Fine fine, no need to yell. Entries will open (11/17/2021), at 4PM ET, entries will be opened up at The entry fee is $25, however, with only 360 spots available. 

If you need a doctor’s note to get you off of work early to sign up, email us and we’ll produce something semi-believable (please don’t actually email us).

HOW TO WATCH (so your mom, GF and BF, or best discord friend can watch)

Each night of the #LCQC will be broadcasted in its entirety with the full eRacr production value. 

The world will be able to watch on the Twitch channel (Also Youtube and Facebook) but we recommend Twitch as the eRacr predictor will be participating as well! 

About The Predictor

The eRacr Predictor twitch extension! The eRacr Predictor will allow anyone viewing (On Twitch, on a computer) to interact with the broadcast in real-time by predicting finishers in each race. If certain drivers will pit and what service they will take in the pits. Even during single car qualifying by guessing times. 

Viewers will get points for participating throughout the whole event and bonus points for correct predictions.


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