Carnomaly 500


Carnomaly 500 – A Three Week Event using unrestricted COT NASCARs around Daytona, reaching speeds of 230+ MPH. Prize Purse: $15,000

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What is the Carnomaly 500? 

In July of 2020, eRacr conducted the largest independent iRacing event in history – The Firecracker 400. 344 competitors competed over three weeks for a prize pool of $12,500 in front of a live audience of over 300,000 viewers. 


Our next event is taking lessons learned from the Firecracker to increase the size and speed. We are calling it the Carnomaly 500. With 900HP stock cars unrestricted at iRacing’s virtual Daytona International Speedway, drivers will race at speeds over 230 MPH, making this the fastest Daytona stock car event ever! 


The event structure will allow nearly 500 competitors a chance at a $15,000 prize pool through a tournament-based design spread over five nights of racing from February 17th to March 3rd. Every competitor will race on a live broadcast as each portion will be professionally broadcasted across live-streaming platforms. 


The entire event broadcast will feature eRacr’s ground-breaking new interactive technology giving the viewers an unprecedented involvement in the event.


It takes about 5 minutes to read this entire document. However, the TL;DR is immediately below: 


What is the entry?

  • $25 (Non-Refundable)
  • Registration CLOSES February 14th, although previous events have sold out within days of event registration opening.


What is the format?

  • February 17-18 Preliminary Races determine 88 drivers who move onto Qualifying Stages.
  • February 24 Pole Qualifying Day, Top 2 times set the front row of the Carnomaly 500, all other times set the Battle 150 fields.
  • February 25 Battle 150s, Two 150 mile races with 43 car fields, where the top 20 finishers of each race advance to the Carnomaly 500, eRacr will choose one “Promoters Choice” to fill the 43rd spot for the Carnomaly 500.
  • March 3rd Carnomaly 500 Main Event, 43 Car Field, 500 miles.


What is the purse?

  • $15,000 


How do I earn prize money?

  • The Carnomaly 500 winner will earn $3,000, a sliding scale payout will be used for 2nd-43rd. 
  • The 88 who make it into the qualifying portion of the event, but do not make the Carnomaly 500 field will earn $25.
  • See Tabs Above for Prize Payout Structure


Will I race on a broadcast even if I don’t make the main event?

  • Yes, every driver who registers for this event will participate in at least one Broadcasted race. Consolation races and Feature races from preliminary nights will be broadcasted. All sessions after preliminary races will be broadcasted in their entirety.

What is the Event Format? 

Competitors will be required to pay an entry fee to enter the event. We will be prepared to support 496 entries into the event by splitting the event into 5 stages. The first stage of the event will be a series of single event heat race servers. These preliminary races will narrow the field down to 88 competitors. For all competitors, we will run 8 races in two nights, transferring the top 11 finishers out of each race to advance to the “Qualifying Round” to be held the following week.


Each race will be broadcast live, giving all competitors an opportunity to be highlighted on a race broadcast


The next week, those top 88 competitors who advanced through the Prelim races will then attempt to qualify through a single-car one lap qualifying format. There will be a qualifying draw to determine the qualifying order, and each competitor will get one attempt to run one timed lap. At the conclusion of qualifying, the top two (2) times will be locked into the front row of the Carnomaly 500. Those two drivers are safely in the main event field, but will not compete in the next stage of events. 


The Battle 150s will be held the day following Single Car Qualifying, where the remaining 86 competitors will be split by odd-numbered qualifying positions and even-numbered qualifying positions and gridded by their qualifying times into a pair of 150-mile races.  


The top 20 finishers from each 150-mile race will advance to the starting field of the Carnomaly 500, with the first 150-mile race determining the inside starting rows 2-21, and the second 150-mile race determining the outside starting rows 2-21. 


The 43rd starting position in the Carnomaly 500 will be reserved for a competitor of eRacr’s choice. 


The 43 drivers who did not advance through the Battle 150s to the Carnomaly 500 will all be awarded prize money equal to their entry fee.


Event Stages in Detail


STAGE 1 – Preliminary Races

February 17-18

  • Single Event League Sessions – FIXED SETUP 
  • Real-time Daytona weather
  • 30-minute Open Practice
  • Five Minute Lone Qualifying (Two Laps)
  • Four (4) ten-minute Heat Races
    • No Cautions
    • Top 7 finishers transfer directly to Prelim Feature 
  • One (1) fifteen-minute Consolation Race
    • Race Control may call up to two cautions
    • Top 10 finishers transfer directly to Prelim Feature
  • Prelim Feature
    • 38 Driver Starting field 
    • 40-minute race or 40 Laps
    • Admin Cautions, one reset
    • Lucky Dogs, iRacing issued wave arounds
    • Double File Restarts, Lapped Cars to the back
    • GWC until time expires


(2hr22min competitor commitment)


Grid Start Times for Prelim Consolation Races, Feature to follow

*all times Eastern

Night 1 Wednesday, February 17

  • 7:10 pm Prelim 1 
  • 8:15 pm Prelim 2
  • 9:20 pm Prelim 3
  • 10:25 pm Prelim 4


Night 2 Thursday, February 18

  • 7:10 pm Prelim 5
  • 8:15 pm Prelim 6
  • 9:20 pm Prelim 7
  • 10:25 pm Prelim 8


Prelim Race Notes

  • Each of the eight Prelim Races will have a 30 min open practice and 5 min lone qualifier. Heat race will follow the qualifying. The consolation races will GRID at the designated grid start time shown on the schedule. All consolations and features will be broadcasted


  • Prelim Race entry lists will be determined after the entries close on Sunday, February 14th at 10 pm ET.


  •  Each Prelim Race will be its own league. When the Race organizers determine the entry list for each prelim race, the drivers will be invited to join their respective league titled “Prelim Race X”. The drivers who transfer from the prelim races to the Carnomaly 500 will then be invited to join the “Carnomaly 500” league. 


*eRacr will use admin cautions for the Consolation and Feature Races. Heat Races will not have cautions 


  • Top 11 (total 88) from each Prelim will transfer to Carnomaly 500 Qualifying


STAGE 2 – Single Car Qualifying


February 24- Pole Day

  • Qualifying 7:00 pm ET – OPEN SETUP 
  • League Session
  • Open Practice Server
  • Qualify order set by random draw
  • Daytona Weather, set in real-time in the sim with dynamic sky, session starting at 5:30 pm (in sim). 
  • Usage will be depending on the previous night’s weather in real-world Daytona. Heavy Rains=0% usage Light Rain=25% usage No Rain=50% usage


  • Out lap + One Timed Lap per car. It will take roughly two and half hours to run through 88 cars. 
  • Estimated time slots based on qualifying draws will be shared via Google Doc to the competitors. 
  • Competitors will be asked to join the server roughly 5 cars before their scheduled time to go out to keep the session on schedule. 
  • Each competitor should only have to commit between 15-20 minutes to register into the server and wait their turn to make one laps (2 minutes on track) and be done. 


Top 2 speeds from Single Car Qualifying LOCK IN to the Carnomaly 500, which sets the front row of the starting grid. Those two drivers will advance straight to the Carnomaly 500, and will NOT race in the Battle 150s. 


3rd-88th will race the following day in the Battle 150s. 


Weather for the Battle 150s will be announced at 12:00pm on February 25th.


STAGE 3 – Battle 150s


February 25 – 7 PM ET

  • Two Separate Single Event League Sessions – OPEN SETUP 
  • Two Races- 150 Mile, 60 Laps each
  • Admin Cautions, no resets
  • Lucky Dogs, iRacing issued wave arounds
  • Double File Restarts, Lapped Cars to the back
  • Unlimited GWC
  • Daytona Weather, set in real time in the sim with dynamic sky, first race starting at 5:30pm (in sim), second server will follow. 
  • 43 car starting fields, lineup set by Single Car Qualifying Results. Odd numbered positions 3rd-87th from Single Car Qualifying go to the first 150 mile race, Even numbered positions 4th-88th from Single Car Qualifying go to the second 150 mile race. 
  • Top 20 finishers from each race advance to the Carnomaly 500



STAGE 4 – Carnomaly 500

Carnomaly 500 – 7 PM ET

  • Single Event League Session – OPEN SETUP 
  • 500 Mile, 200 Laps
  • Admin Cautions, No Resets
  • Lucky Dogs, iRacing issued wave arounds
  • Double File Restarts, Lapped Cars to the back
  • Unlimited GWC
  • Daytona Weather, set in real-time in the sim with dynamic sky, session starting at 3:45 pm
  • 43 car starting field lineup set by:
    • 1st-2nd from Single Car Qualifying Results
    • Top 20 finishers from Battle 150 Race 1 (finish order sets the inside row)
    • Top 20 Finishers from Battle 150 Race 2 (finish order sets the outside row)
    • (1) Promoter’s Choice


How to join the races.


Leagues will be created for each prelim race. You must accept the league invite to get into your race 


Another League will be set up for the 88 eligible for qualifying. 


How will the event be broadcast?


This broadcast will incorporate bespoke graphics and a brand new graphics system developed in-house by eRacr’s very own. In addition, we will be unveiling a groundbreaking Twitch extension developed in-house for viewer interactivity. This is a “fantasy” game that viewers can play as the event unfolds – eRacr Predictor. The viewers will be prompted on the broadcast screen to predict their Top-5 finishers, qualifying speeds and pit stops with a live point system to be eligible to win prizes at the end of the event. 


There will be five days of live broadcast over the three-week span of the event. Starting with the preliminary qualifying races which will be broadcast LIVE, with interactions from the competitors and viewers.


The single-car qualifying stage will be broadcast LIVE in its entirety as well with Landon Cassill and Parker Kligerman involved throughout the broadcast. Culminating with the main event broadcast that will incorporate many never-before-seen features in an iRacing broadcast. 


Carnomaly 500 Payout Structure

44th-88th: $25


Based on a $15,000 Total Prize Pool
Main Event Total Payout: $13,875
Finishing PositionPrize Payout
Total Payout$13,875.00