Joe Gibbs Racing’s Quick Decision: Why Chase Briscoe Got the Nod Over Other Contenders

Posted by July 2, 2024 in The Money Lap

Joe Gibbs Racing’s Quick Decision: Why Chase Briscoe Got the Nod Over Other Contenders

Breaking Down the Rush Hire

In a move that was almost as sudden and surprising as SHR’s closure announcement, Joe Gibbs Racing swiftly locked down Chase Briscoe for their team, bypassing what many thought would be a drawn-out selection process.

After Martin Truex Jr.’s recent retirement announcement, rumors of who would take over the no. 19 swirled. On the latest episode of “The Money Lap,” hosts Parker Kligerman and Landon Cassill peel back the layers of this rapid decision and discuss if they would have done things differently.

Why Briscoe? The Inside Scoop

“JGR was in complete control. They had the sponsor,” Cassill explains, highlighting that contrary to the usual narrative where drivers bring sponsors, this time it was the team holding all the cards. This pivot from the norm raises questions about the urgency behind the decision. “What was JGR’s urgency to sign Chase Briscoe at the end of June?” Cassill ponders, pointing out the rapid timing of the hire.

Kligerman chimed in, speculating on the meticulous background checks and considerations that must have preceded the offer. “They obviously, which they alluded to, had done their research about him. They have to think they had a prior approval with the sponsor,” he says, indicating a well-orchestrated plan by JGR.

Industry Reactions and Alternate Choices

If not Chase, then who? The duo discussed several potential alternatives that could have been considered. A potential young gun in the Toyota pipeline would have made sense. “You’ve got Chandler Smith in the Xfinity series but with very little cup experience,” Kligerman notes, emphasizing the balance between experience and potential JGR might have weighed. He also mentions Kyle Busch as a pricier but more experienced option, adding complexity and plenty of options to the hiring scenario.

“You’re saying why not hold out?” Kligerman questioned, pointing to the broader pool of talent available and no upcoming deadline to force a quick decision.

Cassill chimed in, “I’m just gonna throw names out there and I know that they’re, you know, under contract and all this stuff, but it’s just like Ricky Stenhouse wasn’t an option? Alex Bowman, I don’t know what has going on.”

“Chris Buescher obviously has a commitment, maybe has a commitment. I don’t know. Like, think of all the surprises over the years that we’ve seen, right?”

But in 2024, what the hell does a commitment or contract really mean? (If you’re Zak Brown, probably nothing)

“We’re talking about Joe Gibbs racing here. We’re talking about the flagship Toyota team” Landon pointed out indicating that a driver could jump ship if JGR was really interested…

Was Signing Briscoe The Right Call?

As fans and experts speculate on the ‘what ifs,’ it becomes clear that the choice of Briscoe was made quickly but not lightly, emphasizing the strategic considerations that teams must weigh in such high-stakes decisions.

The decision didn’t seem very complicated for Joe Gibbs and the JGR team. Seeing a deal and contract produced that quickly, one would have to believe that Briscoe has been on their radar for some time and when the opportunity arose, they went out and got their guy.

The success of the move will remain to be seen until next season.

Who would you have chosen to drive for JGR? Let us know in the comments below if they made the right call or if you think another driver was overlooked!

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