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Good morning! NASCAR heads to the ‘Action Track’ this weekend for another round of short-track racing. This has us thinking… What track on the schedule has the best nickname? 🤔

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+425 Denny Hamlin

+425 Christopher Bell

+650 Martin Truex Jr.

+900 Ty Gibbs

+1000 Kyle Larson


Long Beach Legacy

In a race for control over the iconic Long Beach Grand Prix, it seems IndyCar has taken the lead. Gerald Forsythe, industry mogul and race co-owner, announced he’s buying the remaining 50% stake, making it clear: “The estate has agreed to sell its 50% to me,” effectively curbing any aspirations NASCAR or Formula 1 had for the event. 🏁

🗣️ “If any series has its sights on Long Beach please tell them to look elsewhere. This is an IndyCar event, and it will be into the future,” Forsythe declared, ensuring the street race’s legacy continues under IndyCar’s banner.

With more than 100,000 fans attending annually, the Long Beach Grand Prix stands as the premier street race in the U.S., second only to the Indy 500 in fan draw. 🚦 Despite multiple overtures for its acquisition, Forsythe’s grip on the event tightens as it speeds towards its 50th anniversary with “big, big things” planned.

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